Counseling and ministry when you are ready to heal the issues of the past, transform your present reality, and exercise in ever-increasing influence over your future.

Traditional therapy, modified behavior and prescribed medications no longer offer any clear explanation, satisfying answers or lasting results. Plagued by the unhealed emotional issues of earlier life experiences, Hopelessness and disappointment become an everyday experience. The Future becomes a stage where the past plays itself out again in our present reality, projecting its traumas and dramas upon our relationships with others and ourselves. The mind can become trapped by our inner world of mental chaos and emotional pain. Unable to imagine any other reality, The Mind perpetuates the state of dysfunction automatically and re-creates it repeatedly.

Many people reach a point in their lives where a strong need for Spiritual counsel and guidance reveals itself in their lives, a healthy need for someone who can facilitate a continuing and evolving Spiritual, mental, and emotional growth and maturity.

The question then becomes how does one find a source of genuine and permanent healing …. who can you trust and place faith in to help guide and counsel you on your spiritual path…

When you reach this point in your life…

You can put these thoughts and feelings away… permanently. The Spiritual skills and services of R. Brian Keith could be what you are looking for.

Did you know that Doubt confirms Belief? The very fact that you are doubting something is a sign that you believe it.

Theoretically, Doubt cannot exist without the presence of Belief. Belief cannot be present and active without the energies of doubt. So, if you are doubting that your life will ever be better, then take that as a sign that at some deep inner level of knowing, you do believe that your life can be healed.

Dr. R. Brian Keith, DD, Ph.D., is a gifted Spiritual Counselor and ordained Revered. With more than twenty-years experience, Dr. Keith facilitates, guides, and supports individuals as they experience the healing of their past. The Rev. Keith is an experienced Healer who has spent decades refining his intuitive healing abilities. He is internationally certified in a wide variety of Healing Modalities and Spiritual Techniques. He also has an extensive background in the Native American Medicine and Healing Tradition. Dr. Keith facilitates a Healing State for his clients. Through Sacred Prayer, mental understanding and emotional comprehension, individuals realize Liberty from The Past and transformation of their present life. Brian’s unique and effective approach combines techniques associated with Spiritual counseling with those of Metaphysical Principles and Soul Alchemy.

Dr. Keith has maintained a private practice and Ministry in the State of Georgia for over twenty years. He maintains a central office in Carrollton, Ga. In 2015, Rev. Keith expanded his Ministry and founded The Outreach of Understanding for Humanity” as an international vehicle for Prayer, Healing and Spiritual Education. Dr. Keith holds a Bachelors, Masters, and Doctorate degree in Divinity and Metaphysical Science. The Rev. Dr. Keith is also an Internationally Registered Medium and Certified Spiritual Healer,  being registered in the International Registry of Spiritual Healers.

The Rev. Keith is a Master Metaphysician with the ability to discern, channel and direct Spiritual energy. Rev. Keith’s ability to communicate with Higher Consciousness creates and sustains a Sacred Healing Space. His ability to connect with The Spirit World, The Angelic Realm and Ascended Masters allows for the channeling of Healing Energy, an Enlightened Awareness and Revelation Knowledge. This Higher Wisdom and Spiritual Knowledge is directed as a Healing Influence through Sacred Prayer