When you are ready to experience Liberty from the Past, Freedom in the Present and Hope in your Future…

Dr. R. Brian Keith, DD, Ph.D., is a gifted Spiritual Counselor and ordained Revered with over twenty years experience. Dr.Keith facilitates, guides, and supports individuals as they heal their Past and transform their lives and move forward into Futures that are hopeful and promising. The Rev. Keith is an experienced Minister who has spent over two decades refining his intuitive healing abilities. He is internationally certified in a wide variety of Healing Modalities and Spiritual Techniques. He also has an extensive background in the Native American Medicine and Healing Tradition. Dr. Keith invokes a Healing State for his clients through Sacred Prayer. Dr. Keith guides individuals as they renew their Minds in order to realize Liberty from The Past and gain confidence in their ability to sustain an ongoing transformation of their life. Brian’s unique and effective approach combines techniques associated with Spiritual counseling, Metaphysical Principles and Soul Alchemy, and Native American Medicine practices.

Dr. Keith has maintained a private practice and Ministry in the State of Georgia for over twenty years. He maintains a central office in Carrollton, Ga.and a satellite office in The North Georgia Mountains.In early 2000, Rev. Dr. Keith expanded his Ministry and founded The SacraSpiritus Orationis “Sacred Spirit of Prayer Concepts” as an international vehicle for Prayer,Global Healing, and Higher Spiritual Education. Dr. Keith holds a Bachelor, a Masters, and a Doctorate Degree in Divinity and PhD.’s in Metaphysical Science and Transpersonal Therapy. The Rev. Dr. Keith is also an Internationally Registered Medium and Certified Spiritual Healer. He is registered in the International Registry of Spiritual Healers.

The Rev. Keith is a Master Metaphysician with the skills to discern,direct and demonstrate Spiritual energy. Rev. Keith’s ability to communicate with The Higher Consciousness of God creates and sustains a Sacred Healing Space. His connection with The Spirit World, The Angelic Realm, and The Ascended Masters allows for the demonstration of Healing Energy, an Enlightened Awareness within The Soul, and The Revelation Knowledge of Our Spiritual Being. This remembered Higher Wisdom and awakened Inner Spiritual Knowledge is manefested as a deliberate Healing Influence that is directed, demonstrated, and experienced through the modality of Sacred Prayer.

The Rev. Keith’s knowledge and experience as a Master Metaphysician and as a practitioner of the Mantic arts includes abilities in the interpretation of The Tarot, Native American Rituals of Healing, Animal communication, Past life regression, and Spiritual Mediumship.

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