Eyes of our Understanding

The key to achieving balance and experiencing wholeness within our relationships and especially within ourselves is to realize that everyone is a duality of Divinity and Humanity. Even the most spiritual of all Beings, Master Jesus, had to dwell in a body made of flesh. We are all an alchemic combination of Immortal virtues and Human qualities. We all long to experience Love, we all struggle, and we all desire to live in a better World. When we view the people we love, and the ones we struggle to love, with this awareness, we are actually sharing in a much deeper intimacy with The Great Creator than we realize. God is Love. When we allow God to demonstrate Love through us we know a Oneness with God that passes our understanding. The moment we see through the “eyes of our understanding” is the moment we begin to see our loved ones, as well as the World around us, as they truly are…just like us.

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