From the heart

“I alone am real Arjuna, looking out, amused, from deep within the eyes of every creature. I am the object of all knowledge, father and mother of the world, the source of all things. I am the goal, the root, the witness, home and refuge, dearest friend, creation and annihilation, everlasting seed and treasure. I am the radiance of the sun, I open or withhold the rain clouds, I am immortality and death, I am being and non-being. I am THE SELF, Arjuna, seated in the heart of every creature. I am the origin, the middle, and the end that all must come to. I am always with all beings; I abandon no one. And however great your inner darkness, you are never separated from me. Keep me near, at every moment; trust me with your life, because I am you, more than you yourself are.”

Bhagavad – Gita

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