Here is a partial listing of services offered by Brian Keith Counsel:

Recovery Therapy

This therapy demonstrates the healing power of Sacred Prayer. The experience of healing negates the past as a source of regret, shame and guilt. The journey of recovery is the journey forward. It is the realization of who we are becoming and Liberty from who we have been. Recovery is freedom from the all the deception of our past behaviors and identities. We no longer judge ourselves based on what we have done and experienced. We relate to and see ourselves according to what we aspire to do in the present we are living in. Through recovery therapy, the past, still in painful living color, becomes simply our history. We find that as we recover our inner self our outer self automatically transforms. Old dysfunctional self-images, over the course of our lifetime, imprison us and become “strongholds” in our mental body and patterns in our emotional body.

Recovery therapy is the process of uncovering unhealed painful memories and experiences and the distorted perception of our self that we created from them. We establish the foundation of Truth within our soul thus disarming false and deceptive belief systems. Finally, we are letting go of demoralizing behaviors which, in turn, allows us to dissolve of all of our old personalities and false identities. It is a recovery from the incorrect and false perceptions of our self and the world around us. This is what “recovery” is all about: recovering and healing all the pieces of our self we left behind in the unresolved and unhealed life experiences. Once we experience restoration… Life is for the living.

Spiritual Counseling

Spiritual Counseling is a Higher Ministry that provides one with the opportunity to sit and speak with a Master Spiritual Counselor.

Many are becoming aware that we all are on a Spiritual journey, and that we are here on this Earth for a greater purpose and reason. We have made our way on this journey following the signs and guideposts that have appeared along the way. We often longed for a trusted reliable guide when we arrive at the “crossroads” of life and at new levels of Spiritual growth. As we mature we discover within ourselves a healthy need for Spiritual guidance and counsel, someone who understands and can explain the many Sacred aspects of our Being. Spiritual counseling becomes a source of Spiritual knowledge, Wisdom, and Mystical Experience for those who are pursuing a Higher experience of Life. Evolving individuals realize the privilege it is to have access to a Spiritual Advisor in order to enhance their Earthly life of their Spiritual maturity, the renewal of their mind, and experience the transformation of their lives.

Specialty services
• Spiritual Mediumship/Psi sessions
• Mantic arts
• Sacred ceremonies
• Animal communication
• Crystal therapy
• Chromatic therapy
• Guided Meditation / Entura Art